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Au 14 Fevrrier

Like I said, we were in Lyon to taste the stars and Au 14 Fevrrier was the second Michelin stared restaurant we booked. Only servicing 14 people a night, they kept the place spacious and quiet with exceptional customer service. Au 14 Fevrrier means “the 14th of February” in French. Naturally, everything in the restaurant surrounded the theme of love. Even the dinner rolls were heart shaped!

The restaurant was owned by a Japanese chef who specialized in Japanese influenced French cuisine. There was only one menu for the night, the chef had already decided what everyone will eat. The only thing you had to worry about was choosing your wine. We went for the wine paring.

The entire meal was 140 € per person which was a bit pricier than Tetedoie. Presentation wise, every single plate was beautiful and I loved mostly everything especially the fresh seafood. A polite critique would be that a few of the courses were a teeny weeny bit off (explained below). However, overall it was an exceptional night and I definitely recommend it as a romantic anniversary place.



Decorations of love everywhere!

Sausage bread


Amuse bouche

1st course – Egg and waffles

Heart shaped bread

2nd Course – Lobster cocktail. We were so impressed! It was amazing!!

3rd Course – Squash flower and scallop. The scallop was big and juicy. Although, I did find the sauce to be a bit too similar to Marinara sauce.

4th Course -Foie gras with raspberry reduction. The Foie gras was served in it’s original form which was literally a piece of goose liver. I was told that’s the best way to enjoy it.

5th Course – Spider fish with butter sauce. Ah, unfortunately, this dish was a miss for me. I thought the butter sauce was too overwhelming compared to the subtle flavor of the spider fish.

6th Course – Duck. Perfectly rare!

7th Course – Cheese plate

8th Course – Passion fruit jello. Of course Ky tried biting into the passion fruit!

9th Course – Arugula ice cream and strawberry meringue

10th Course – Cookies and macaroons