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Champagne Tasting @ Veuve Clicquot

Madam Clicquot was a widow that took over her husband’s champagne business when he died. Like Gabriella Chanel, she continued her love’s legacy and made it into a house whole name. The Veuve Clicquot branding is well know around the world. You can spot that exquisite “Clicquot Yellow” right off the wine shelves.

The tour around the winery was a great experience. Our guide was pleasant with a polite sense of humor. The Clicquot caves were very rich in history. A long time ago, people mined the caves for clay. When they were done, they left the underground tunnels abandoned. Some time later, wine makers bought the caves to store wine. The clay walls kept the wine cool and protected them sunlight.

Another interesting story was during Word War I, soldiers and citizens found refuge in the caves as bomb shelters. Some of them engraved their names on the soft walls as they waited for danger to pass. Our tour guide showed us her favorite engraving which was a star of David.

The VCP logo

Stairs to enter the cave

A little peek hole from the top

Chandelier make of champagne glasses