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Daytrip to Aix

During our stay in Marseille, we planned a day trip to Aix, a small town in the Provence region. Early morning, we took the metro to the train station, had some cafe creme and hopped on our train. The ride was so comfortable! The cars were fresh and clean. The seats were well designed and spacious; you can adjust your sitting position without bugging the passenger behind you.

We arrived to our destination 40 minutes later. At 9am, the town was just waking up. While we waited for the shops and cafes to open, we wondered around admiring the architecture. The buildings were mostly made of cobblestone in a rich golden mustard color. When the sun began hitting the small vintage streets, the town lite up like a painting. It was simply beautiful!


Beautiful mustard yellow walls

vintage window and balconies

Photo Aug 22, 9 42 31 AM

Wondering around before the crowd hits

Doesn’t it look like a movie set?


It’s cafe creme time!

Petit déjeuner

2014-08-22 10.48.51

Croque Monsieur


At the market place


Not sure which camera to smile for

Mango and hazelnut gelato from Amorino

Mango and hazelnut gelato from Amorino

Same color as the gelato

Same color as the gelato

Photo Aug 22, 9 50 31 AM

2014-08-22 14.03.35

Store for ballerinas

Cathedral with a modern twist

Charcuterie plate at Dal Gladiatore

Italian dinner: Calamars with peppers, tomatoes, and olives

Au revoir, Aix!