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Go Paris SG!!!

Being a huge soccer fan, Ky got us tickets to the Paris Saint Germaine game while we were in Paris. It was soooooo awesome!!! PSG played again Saint-Etienne and kicked their butts 5-0!!! It was pretty amazing that we got to see Ibrahimovic in action. He was on fire! We had such a great time hanging out with the crazy fans! They were singing, chanting and jumping around. I can’t wait to do it again!

If you ever end up at a soccer game in France, here’s what to expect:

  • They do not serve alcohol at the stadium so stop by a bar.
  • They do not sell team gear inside or outside of the stadium. However, you can easily find their products around the city. Just make sure you grab it before the game!
  • The stadium staff is helpful and friendly.
  • They’ll search your bags thoroughly so don’t bring anything stupid!
  • Don’t forget your ID or you won’t get in! They’ll match the ticket to your name.
  • Stadium food is very economical! For 10€, you’ll get a sammy, a large drink and a dessert. Not bad at all!
  • Final tip: If you wear your PSG t-shirt or scarf around, you’ll make some Parisian friends. They love their team!

My PSG ticket.


Grabbing a few drinks before the game.


Before the game started.

Someone’s super happy!




Go PSG fans!



Final score: 5-0!!!!