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My First Chanel

My experience at the Chanel Rue Cambon Boutique was a dream come true! When we entered the store, a fashion advisor was standing there waiting to greet us. As soon as we told her we were interested in purchasing a handbag, she walked us over to the accessories show room. Wow! It was packed with women from all over the world!

At first, every employee was busy helping customers, so Ky and I browsed around the room. Soon after, a hostess came over to assist us. She diligently searched for the next available associate so we didn’t have to wait too long. Finally, she found Ann-Sophie. Double wow! Not only was Ann-Sophie beautiful but also very sweet. She definitely represented the “Chanel” brand very well; elegant, classy and sophisticated.

After I told her I was interested in purchasing a small or mini classic flap, she ran around gathering all the options available at the store. They were all gorgeous! When I tried on the Classic Flap mini square lambskin with brush metal hardware, I fell deeply in love. Who knew you could love a handbag this much!? Although it was a mini bag, it was still a valuable investment so I wanted to choose the perfect one. There were only 2 left, I had one in my hand and another customer was trying on one. She discretely communicated with the other associate that we were waiting to see the bag.

While we were waiting, we started paperwork for the purchase. She explained the VAT process to us and made sure we filled out everything correctly. She even offered us champagne to celebrate my first Chanel purchase! Ky was thrill! She kept making small talks with us to make sure we weren’t bored. She was very delightful. When the other bag finally circulated to us, I still went with the original one I was holding. Instead of being frustrated for wasting her time, she was really happy for me that I found “the bag”.

When we were on our way out with the precious white bag, I asked Ann-Sophie about the famous Chanel apartment stairs. She enthusiastically showed us where it was and insisted that we need to take some pictures! You could only imagine how happy I was!

I’ve heard rumors about Chanel representatives being unhelpful, snobby or even rude but I can truly say it’s not true at all! In fact, I witnessed some customers that were just awful! Yet, the staff kept their poise and helped them out. Not only did they sold me a handbag but also the wonderful feeling of a very lucky customer. I will definitely visit the boutique again when we are in Paris next time.


Sitting on the famous stairs of Chanel’s Rue Cambon apartment.



My beautiful new collection!