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Paris, vous êtes parfait.

For the final part of our trip, we stayed in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris for a week. I’ll never get tired of Paris. From the glamorous shopping areas to the dusty streets, I love everything this city has to offer.

Parisians are often misunderstood when Americans refer to them as “rude”. In fact, most Parisians we’ve encountered were genuinely nice. They just like to keep to themselves. At cafes, servers give you space and don’t hover over you…they’re not nosey. Honestly, I like the space. The last thing we need on our vacation is someone asking too many questions.


We have a polar bear watching over us at the hotel.


The view outside of our hotel window.

Hanging out at Jardin de Luxembourg.


Check out the dramatic sky!

Kids running around chasing their boats.

Beautiful ceiling of Galeries Lafayette.

King size nutella.

Cheers! You can only find this bottle in France.

Spending our last day with lady Eiffel.

It’s okay to drink in public.

Imaging how much nespresso this cuppy contains!?


Finally getting our Laduree on!

God, I miss Paris.