Month: October 2014

Lunch at

Had lunch at this fabulous little hip place with my girlfriends from work last week and I promised myself to take Ky here. So here we are! Ky is by no means a vegan fan so I kept it secretive. “I’m taking you to lunch, I’ll drive” did the trick. Luckily, he didn’t tuck and […]

Sundate at Jack’s

Had seafood brunch with hunny bun at Jack’s Oyster Bar & Fish House. Newly opened, this hip little place is located in Jack London Square (Oak town) next to Bocanova. With delicious oysters at $1.50 each, we ordered a dozen to start. We also got the heirloom tomatoes salad, octopus salad, and a fish burger […]

17th Month Anniversary in Sausalito

In case you’re wondering, no we don’t celebrate every single month of being married. When we do remember, we’ll do something nice together. This time, we decided to have lunch in Sausalito. Sausalito is a small city in the sf bay area next to the ocean. With a bunch of mom and pap restaurants and […]

Twenty Five Lusk

Friday night, we stumbled upon this restaurant while bar hopping and waiting for our friend, Matt. After a few drinks, we decided to grab a light dinner. Someone from Jax recommended that we check out Twenty Five Lusk. The location of the restaurant was a bit hidden on Townsend st in SoMa. When we arrived, […]