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Had lunch at this fabulous little hip place with my girlfriends from work last week and I promised myself to take Ky here. So here we are! Ky is by no means a vegan fan so I kept it secretive. “I’m taking you to lunch, I’ll drive” did the trick. Luckily, he didn’t tuck and roll.

When we arrived, I took the initiative to order before he could realize there’s no meat on the menu. I got us the farro salad, the quesadilla, and the black bean burger. We sat down, I grabbed a mango-oj sparkler and he got his usual, a cold glass of beer. The food came out pretty quickly and they looked so fresh and colorful. I asked him after a few bites what he thought and he said “wow, the food doesn’t make you miss meat”. In other words, he approved.

Their info: Encuentro


Delicious! Lightly sweetened with gentle bubbles

Farro Salad: Lettuce, fried scallions, grilled squash, brussel spouts, and feta cheese with a light creamy dressing.



Quesadilla: tomatoes and salad greens in a tangy sauce, cheese drizzle, and sweet potatoes filling.


The infamous black bean burger: Black bean patty with spics, smoked goat cheese (not too strong), scrumptious crispy bun, homemade picked veggies and more greens.