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Paris, vous êtes parfait.

For the final part of our trip, we stayed in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris for a week. I’ll never get tired of Paris. From the glamorous shopping areas to the dusty streets, I love everything this city has to offer. Parisians are often misunderstood when Americans refer to them as “rude”. In fact, most […]

Go Paris SG!!!

Being a huge soccer fan, Ky got us tickets to the Paris Saint Germaine game while we were in Paris. It was soooooo awesome!!! PSG played again Saint-Etienne and kicked their butts 5-0!!! It was pretty amazing that we got to see Ibrahimovic in action. He was on fire! We had such a great time […]

Champagne Tasting @ Veuve Clicquot

Madam Clicquot was a widow that took over her husband’s champagne business when he died. Like Gabriella Chanel, she continued her love’s legacy and made it into a house whole name. The Veuve Clicquot branding is well know around the world. You can spot that exquisite “Clicquot Yellow” right off the wine shelves. The tour […]

Champagne Tasting @ Mumm

Our first champagne tour was at the Mumm winery. Being members of the Mumm club in Napa, we wanted to compare the bubbles from the two locations. Although the champagne was great, the experience of the tour was overall okay. Our guide could be a little more enthusiastic.

Jardin Botanique De Lyon

Jardin botanique du Parc de la Tête d’Or is a government funded public park in Lyon. Not only does it contain the largest botanical garden in France, it also has a zoo! We saw hundreds of varieties of plants and flowers. My favorites were the rose garden and the endless patches of scrubs. Surprisingly, my […]

Au 14 Fevrrier

Like I said, we were in Lyon to taste the stars and Au 14 Fevrrier was the second Michelin stared restaurant we booked. Only servicing 14 people a night, they kept the place spacious and quiet with exceptional customer service. Au 14 Fevrrier means “the 14th of February” in French. Naturally, everything in the restaurant […]

Tetedoie – Restaurant Gastronomique

Tetedoie of Lyon was our first Michelin stared restaurant in France. Located on a hill that overlooked the entire city, the view was amazing especially at night. The restaurant was decorated with whimsical and colorful artwork. We were a bit early when we arrived but the hostess had no issue seating us. There was already […]

Odeon of Lyon

Odeon of Lyon also know as the Ancient Theatre of  Fourvière was a must-see attraction. Constructed by the Romans in the early bcs, the monument was still in great condition. Although it was considered as a “small” stadium, it could sit up to 10,000 people. I’m  glad we wore comfortable shoes to climb the cobble […]

Aux Trois Filles

First night in Lyon, we had dinner at Aux Trois Filles. Located near the center of Old Lyon, the neighborhood was very lively. Street musicians played while we dined. It was like the story book version of being in France! The food was pretty decent. I especially enjoyed the duck!